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Revised on's mission is to educate consumers about the various ins and outs of managing their personal finances in a responsible manner; not just about debt consolidation programs and credit industry practices. Most of our interest actually lies in helping individuals break their personal cycle of debt in hopes that they don't have to keep coming back for help. We attempt to acheive this goal by breaking down the decisions that got them to this point, and then simplify them. Most concepts we focus on are pretty basic, but (nonetheless) effective. Please Note: No material offered through this website is to be considered legal or professional advice, unless it is explicity stated as such. To that end, our articles and blog posts will be primarily contributed by our in-house staff, and on occasion, an outside expert that can provide more detailed information about a particular subject.

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Jonathan Kolanowski
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Topics Covered: Debt consolidation, mortgage financing, economics, Internet safety, online marketing and miscellaneous personal finance issues.

At this time, we are accepting guest authors on an invite basis only.

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