Debt Consolidation in Alabama

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With an estimated population of 4,708,708,[1] and a below average per capita income,[2] Alabama is no stranger to personal debt. In fact, there were 13,718 foreclosed homes in August 2010,[3] and according to a report from TransUnion, credit card debt in Alabama was the third highest in the country in 2008.[4] Whether you are behind in mortgage payments, or are over your head in credit card bills there still may some reason for hope, either through obtaining a debt consolidation in AL or some other form of debt relief. With the assistance of a debt relief company, you may be able to combine all of your unsecured debts into one monthly payment and get lower interest rates and/or lower your monthly payments. Use and its list of resources to help you find services, such as credit counseling programs and debt settlement companies and personal finance information, such as help with managing your personal budget.

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Tips for Alternatives to Consolidating Debt:

A little bit extra goes a long way.

Have you decided that debt consolidation may not the best option for you, and if so, have you given any thought to taking any alternative forms of debt relief on your path to becoming debt free? Unfortunately, when personal debt gets to overwhelming amounts, many consumers develop the common misconception that they cannot (or will not ever be able to) afford to pay off the credit card balances, small loans and other debts that they owe, such as their auto or home loans. You may have more control over your situation than you may realize. While it may be near impossible for you make such large payment amounts at one time, making simple adjustments to your budget and adding a little extra to each of your monthly payments can actually go a long way. Where is this extra money supposed to come from each month? Start by managing your personal spending habits and cutting back on the amount of money that you allow to go towards non-necessity items such as coffee, fast food or those doughnuts in the morning can help you to save hundreds (or possibly even thousands) of dollars per year. Taking into consideration that many of these discretionary items are bad for your personal health, as well as your financial health, this could be a win win for you. However, if giving up these items seems like too much of a sacrifice, it may be a simple case of finding a cheaper solution.

For example, make your own morning coffee (or don’t buy it from a premium coffee shop), eat lunch out less often during the week by making your own lunch, wait a few months and watch new movies at home rather than going to the movie theater, etc. As a result of altering your lifestyle, you will see surprising amounts of savings that can be applied to the payments towards your outstanding credit bills. Aren’t completely sold on the idea? Buy or download a personal finance software program or freeware version to estimate and track your spending habits. You may likely be very astonished at how much money is spent on things you don’t have to have or need. Paying your liabilities off as quickly as possible is always a great idea in order to avoid large amounts of interest that accumulate from carrying your credit card bills and other debt over time. If you aren’t necessarily sure that using a company to help you consolidate debt is the answer to your problems, give these simple, quick tips a try and see what happens. No matter what you decide, getting out of debt takes work. Each form of debt relief has its positive and negative aspects. You have to be committed to stick with the plan of action that you decide upon.

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